GSO is partnered with Johnson & Johnson DePuy and we are very proud of this relationship. DePuy has 125 years of experience and ingenuity, and they’re only getting better.


Aesculap provides implants and instrumentation to help surgeons choose the best system for their lifestyle. Please visit their website to learn more:

Assisting in surgery, Biocomposites enables surgeons to fight against infection allowing for a speedier recovery. Please visit their website to learn more:

Irrisept is jet lavage containing low concentration Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) 0.05% in sterile water for irrigation

Oncological 3D imaging. Every tumor, fracture, and complex revision case is different. Using My3DTM technology, ONKOS SURGICAL develops personalized implant, instrument, and anatomic model designs to aid surgeons when performing operative procedures. For more information on ONKOS 3D imaging please visit their website

Used in conjunction with DePuy Product, OrthAlign assists surgeons in surgery. Please visit their website to learn more: