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DePuy Synthes Further Reimagines Knee Restoration with the Addition of Two New Innovations to the ATTUNE™ Knee Portfolio

ATTUNE™ Cementless Fixed Bearing Knee with AFFIXIUM™ 3DP Technology and the ATTUNE Medial Stabilized Knee System are designed for more natural knee function

WARSAW, IN, March 16, 2022 – Today, Johnson & Johnson MedTech* announced that DePuy Synthes,** The Orthopaedics Company of Johnson & Johnson, is adding two new innovations to its kinematically advanced and proveni,ii,iii,iv,v,vi ATTUNE™ Knee portfolio: the ATTUNE™ Cementless Fixed Bearing Knee with AFFIXIUM™ 3DP Technology and the ATTUNE™ Medial Stabilized Knee System.

Approximately 20 percent of Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) patients are dissatisfied with their results.vii The biggest challenges reported are functional activities beyond walking, such as kneeling or getting in-out of a car.vii,viii The ATTUNE Knee is already addressing the 20 percent gap by delivering significantly better patient satisfaction than other knees in the same classix and has demonstrated implant survivorship within class.x,xi,xii,xiii,xiv   

These new innovations build on the kinematic features and proprietary technologies of the original ATTUNE Knee, including the ATTUNE GRADIUS™ Curve and GLIDERIGHT™ Articulation, which are designed to revolutionize knee patient care.

ATTUNE™ Cementless Fixed Bearing Knee with AFFIXIUM™ 3DP Technology 

Introduced in late 2021, the ATTUNE Cementless Fixed Bearing Knee with AFFIXIUM 3DP Technology (ATTUNE AFFIXIUM Knee) is a next generation, 3D printed cementless knee designed for a growing population of more active patients for whom biological fixation helps to better meet the demands of their active lifestyle today and into the future. The ATTUNE AFFIXIUM Knee is the first in the ATTUNE Knee portfolio to utilize this advanced 3D printing technology, which creates a three-dimensional lattice structure, generating a similar porosity to natural bone for advanced biological fixationxv and helps enhance initial implant stability.xvi

“The ATTUNE AFFIXIUM Knee is a game changer for patients,” said Dr. Ryan Nunley,*** orthopaedic surgeon, St. Louis, MO. “The porous nature more naturally represents bone structure, which I believe helps with initial implant stability. Cementless fixation is growing quickly, and this is a phenomenal opportunity for advancing patient care.”

The ATTUNE AFFIXIUM Knee follows the 2019 launch of the ATTUNE Rotating Platform Cementless Knee which utilizes POROCOAT™ Porous Coating for cementless application.

ATTUNE Medial Stabilized Knee System

Designed to meet patients’ needs for improved feel and function, DePuy Synthes has also introduced the ATTUNE Medial Stabilized Knee System, which incorporates asymmetric anatomic inserts with a raised medial lip, to provide medial stabilityxvii and a TruARC™ Lateral Path for natural knee function.xvii,xviii,xix The versatility of the system addresses a range of posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) management and surgical philosophies.xx More than just an insert, the ATTUNE Medial Stabilized Knee System brings together the ATTUNE GRADIUS Curve and the LOGICLOCK™ Tibial base, to restore natural knee kinematics.xvii,xviii,xix

“We are truly entering the next phase in knee replacement surgery – knee restoration,” said Dr. Jonathan Vigdorchik,**** orthopaedic surgeon, New York, NY. “The ATTUNE Medial Stabilized Knee System is the perfect complement to the ATTUNE Knee platform and provides my patients with the medial conformity and lateral rollback that I want so that their knee feels more natural.”

Both the ATTUNE AFFIXIUM Knee and the ATTUNE Medial Stabilized Knee System work seamlessly with the innovative VELYS™ Robotic-Assisted Solution, which helps surgeons provide a tailored experience intraoperatively based on each patient’s anatomy. The precision and reliability of robotic-assisted bone cuts means the surgeon can accommodate patient-specific surgical techniques and control the implant position and fit for each patient.

“Through our DePuy Synthes Knee Solutions, we’re revolutionizing the traditional approach to total knee arthroplasty by offering patients a tailored surgical experience based on the combination of our kinematically advanced implants, our differentiated digital technology, and patient-specific techniques,” said Juston Gates,***** Worldwide Vice President of Knee Reconstruction for DePuy Synthes. “We believe that this combination can lead to knee restoration and with it, we envision a future of better outcomes and improved patient satisfaction.”

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DePuy Synthes Knee Solutions is reimagining knee restoration to continue to improve patient satisfaction and get patients back to knee function sooner by providing kinematically advanced implants, data-driven enabling technologies and patient-specific techniques.

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* Comprising the surgery, orthopaedics, vision and interventional solutions businesses within Johnson & Johnson’s MedTech segment.
** DePuy Synthes represents the products and services of DePuy Synthes Sales, Inc. and its affiliates.
*** Dr. Ryan Nunley is a design surgeon and paid consultant of an affiliate of DePuy Synthes.
**** Dr. Jonathan Vigdorchik is a design surgeon and a paid consultant of an affiliate of DePuy Synthes.
*****Juston Gates is an employee of Medical Device Business Services, Inc.