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DePuySynthes Joint Reconstruction

Golden State Orthopaedics Inc is an exclusive distributor for DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction, companies of Johnson and Johnson. 

One of the largest orthopaedics companies in the world, with leading solutions for hip, knee and shoulder replacement.

With more than 200 products in its https://wowsirazazel.tumblr.com/ portfolio including PINNACLE® Hip Solutions, ATTUNE® Knee System, and GLOBAL® Shoulder.

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Aesculap Knee

Aesculap Implant Systems knee arthroplasty implants aim to address a patient’s need of restoring mobility and biomechanical functionality. Our Zirconium Nitride coating technology demonstrates low wear rates and minimal metal ion release. The knee systems grant a high degree of flexion and when used in conjunction with our best in class navigation system and minimally invasive surgical instruments, Aesculap’s suite of knee products is a viable option for your patient.

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Arthrosurface is the leading provider of minimally invasive joint restoration systems for the toe, knee, and shoulder as an alternative to joint replacement. Arthrosurface® offers three different restoration systems to treat toe pain: the HemiCAP DF® (Dorsal Flange), the Toe Classic HemiCAP® with no flange and the ToeMotion™ Modular Toe System. Arthrosurface® offers two joint restoration systems for the knee that are approved in the United States. The UniCAP®system is designed for the medial/lateral compartments and consists of 10 different femoral surface options and 6 inlay tibias. The Patello Femoral HemiCAP® is available in 2 different sizes, with 21 trochlear convexities and 13 different patellas making it the most versatile PF system in the world. The HemiCAP® Shoulder and HemiCAP® OVO systems are approved for use in the US and most European markets for the treatment of articular cartilage defects in the shoulder as well as the gleniod. For more information on Arthrosurface products please visit there website www.arthrosurface.com


Biocomposites manufactures synthetic calcium composites for tissue regeneration that can be used in orthopaedic surgery. Golden State Orthopaedics distributes their stimulan, Genex, and Allogran-R products. STIMULAN is a truly absorbable calcium sulfate, specifically designed to complement your dead space and infection management strategies. Genex is a catalyst for bone healing. It complements the body’s natural healing processes and encourages normal bone structure to be restored at a steady rate. Allogran-R is a fully absorbable β tri-calcium phosphate. Its irregular particles, when combined with saline or blood, assume a cohesive regenerative matrix for the treatment of trauma, spine and non-unions. For more information on Biocomposite products please visit their website www.biocomposites.com

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OrthAlign® offers precise alignment technology in a simple, palm-sized, single-use device that is compatible with all implant systems for both TKA and THA.

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